Photo by William Harvey


Curiosity is what drives my approach to design and I use my gut feeling as a guiding star.
I like to explore between the physical and digital realm by twisting and turning until gold appears.

I don’t like to have predetermined end results in mind before I go on these ventures, but instead pursue the idea by rolling with the punches of the methods and processes. In that way, profound, fulfilling and important manifestations come to life. 

I’ve been on the creative path for as long as I can remember with music being the absolute anchor that everything revolves around and relates back to. There is a force in design, music and the arts that is hard to put into words. This is something I’ve always felt a strong connection to.

From Stockholm, Sweden. 


Rytmus musikergymnasium Stockholm (2011-2014)
RML (Rock Musiker Linjen) Birkagårdens folkhögskola (2014-2015)
Nyckelviksskolan Färg, form & hantverk (2019-2020)
Forsbergs skola, Grafisk Design & Reklam (2021- ) 

Hyenan - We belong to ecstasy/Hall of mirrors (Single split, songwriter/all instruments)
Harpun - Wonderland (EP 2017, guitar/songwriter)
Harpun - Neanderthal (EP 2019, guitar/songwriter)
Harpun - Lovesong:Ratking (Single 2019, guitar/songwriter)
Shaam Larein - Sculpture (Album 2020, drums)
Shaam Larein - 2nd full length (Album TBA 2022, drums)
Howlers - Good lookin’ (Single 2020, guitar)
Howlers - God’s beat up (Single 2020, guitar/songwriter)
Doojiman & The Exploders - Electric Boogalo (Album 2020, Drums)

Let's work together!

I work with album design, logotypes, event posters, merchandise, illustrations, playlist design, short animations and layouts and I am very much open to all types of expressions and challenges. Let's work together!

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